Residential and Office Cleaning Tips

At Flockz Commercial cleaning services, we specialize in sanitizing and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and high traffic areas. For example, in your home or office, there are surfaces that are constantly in use by other family members or staff members through out the facility.

Let’s focus on these high touch surfaces.

We will start in the home.

Take a look at areas in your home that are frequently used by other family members, include areas that are in use throughout the day. For example, the restroom. The restroom is used by more than one person in the home throughout the day. There are several areas in the restroom that are frequently touched surfaces. For instance, the toilet and the sink as well as the shower. Let’s also not forget the door handle, the light switch and other not often thought about surfaces such as the toilet paper dispenser, walls and rails near the hand drying station.

Here are some tips that you can use to insure other family members disinfect these areas after use.

· Leave an all purpose disinfectant in the restroom.

· Place a note that’s visible to encourage everyone to disinfect

designated area after each use.

· List the areas that may often be overlooked. (For example: The Light switch)

Purchase an all purpose disinfectant that you are comfortable using in your home. One that’s safe for the environment and safe for every member of your home including pets and young ones.

Sometimes when we enter a restroom, we see signs on the door indicating whether the restroom is male, female, non-binary or open to all. Other signs read. Do not flush sanitary napkins down the toilet or Please do not flush hand towels. Notes are excellent reminders and can be used at home or in the office. This will enable us to keep surfaces clean and minimalize spread of germs or other harmful bacteria.

Other frequently touched surfaces at home include: Kitchen counters, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee station and any other areas that are used by others throughout the day.

Ensure all purpose cleaners are visible through-out the home or office. Use a cleaner that is safe for family members, friends, visitors, and pets. Leave a note to please disinfect surfaces after each use.

Let’s move on to the office.

Frequently touched surfaces in the office

All businesses have rules that they implement for staff members. Some employees are responsible for putting items away. Other responsibilities are dedicated to in house staff members, clean up crew, etc.

It is safe to remind your staff to wash their hands when leaving the restroom, clean up the restroom immediately after use or correctly dispose of sanitary napkins or other personal items to respect the space of others. Distribute disinfectant wipes and other cleaning aerosols to each employee. Asking employees to sanitize work stations before beginning their daily duties can also have a big impact on preventing the spread of germs or other harmful bacteria. For example, you can place disinfectant wipes at each desk for each employee. Send out reminders in the morning indicating the importance of following cleaning and safety guidelines.