Do you need commercial cleaning but are worried about the high inflation rates? Are you concerned that you will not be able to afford it? We have flexible rates that meet your service needs. Contact us today. At Flockz Commercial Cleaning Service, we have created a service package that aligns with your budget. Therefore, you can stay within your budget and not be affected by high inflation rates. What does that mean for you as the customer? You can give us a call and tell us your budget. We then create a package according to your budget. Below are three tips that can help you as inflation rates skyrocket. The cost of living has increased—tip #1. Paying attention to your budget and expenses is vital during this trying time. Cleaning has become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Due to the pandemic. Tip #2. Place signs throughout your office that reminds your staff of good cleaning practices. For example, wash your hands before leaving the restroom. As individuals who desire to maintain a healthy and clean space for our customers, don’t sacrifice the cleanliness of your office because of inflation rates. Contact Flockz Commercial Cleaning Service so we can work out a budget that’s most convenient for you. Tip #3. Work with a company that has flexible scheduling options customized to your service needs. We have hourly and flat rate services available call us today to schedule your weekly, daily, or monthly cleaning service. We offer services Monday through Sunday that are pre-scheduled.