Event Cleaning

A large room with many tables and chairs

Are you coordinating your next big event? Do you need help maintaining the event and keeping the environment clean for your guest? Sure, you do! Hire Flockz Commercial Cleaning Service, event teams. We will help you alleviate stress and maintain the flow of your event. Some events require cleaning throughout, and other activities only require…

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How To Prepare Your business and staff for 2021

A woman holding a mop and smiling for the camera.

BE READY As the year turns and we reflect on all that this year has taught us. Ask yourself, what have I learned? What challenges did I overcome? How can I improve my life and be an asset to those around me? This year has taught us that life is unpredictable, and we must quickly…

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Residential and Office Cleaning Tips

A person in yellow gloves cleaning the counter.

At Flockz Commercial cleaning services, we specialize in sanitizing and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and high traffic areas. For example, in your home or office, there are surfaces that are constantly in use by other family members or staff members through out the facility. Let’s focus on these high touch surfaces. We will start in…

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