Airbnb Reviews and Cleaning Strategies

Is the cleaning service that you’re working with causing your Airbnb to get negative reviews?

As business owners, we put a lot of effort into making our businesses successful. We spend countless hours researching and learning from other business owners, only to run into our own personal hiccups due to things that we overlooked. Imagine doing everything in your power to create a business, launch it and get it up and running. Then imagine you hire someone that does not know how to clean your property. Maybe you’re going out of town for the weekend and in transit, someone decided to book your Airbnb last minute, so you decided to pass the cleaning off to a friend. Don’t allow life’s everyday challenges to cause your business a negative review. Follow the below-mentioned practices to get ahead of yourself step one:

Practice number 1:

Create a checklist for your Airbnb cleaning. This will help give the cleaners a guide to follow. You know the ins and outs of the facility, so share that list with the cleaner so they do not overlook those things, and ensure all these things are listed on your checklist.

Practice number 2:

Request follow-up photos after each cleaning. Sometimes while cleaners are cleaning, they may get distracted by a phone call and start working on something else. Requesting photos and or video after cleaning can serve as a reminder to your staff of what they have missed. Additionally, you’re able to track the cleaning process and verify your cleaning requirements are met. There are several user-friendly platforms and CRM software that can be used to share images and or videos. Choose one that is a fit for your business.

Practice number 3:

Depending on the size of your unit, you may require two or more cleaners.

Request that cleaners verify each other’s work. For example, if one cleaner is assigned to the bathroom while another cleaner is assigned to the bedroom, include in your checklist that cleaners are required to cross-check areas that have been cleaned by the other person(s).

Practice Number 4

Request Photos before cleaning. This can be used as a reference for how the prior guest left the facility.  Do you have items that can be removed from the property for example beach chairs, umbrellas, or coolers?  Before the cleaner begins cleaning, ask them to verify if any items are missing from the premises or are damaged. 

We hope these tips have been helpful. If you want to gain further insight on how you can help your cleaning crew maintain satisfactory cleaning during each cleaning, click the link below to invest in your team members with our online cleaning guide with video demonstrations.

Note: Remember when searching for cleaning services near me. Don’t forget to ask the cleaning company before booking will they be willing to send before and after photos. 

Click the link below to schedule prescreening called to learn more about our online course: The business Owners Cleaning Guide for employees.

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