Tiolet Cleaning Tips

Toilet Cleaning Tips


Let’s focus on the inside of the toilet bowl. Use a brush to thoroughly scrub the inside of the bowl along with a disinfectant. 


Get rid of any dust mites, residue, and or fallen items. 


Sanitize and disinfect toilet seat and the trip handle (flush) don’t forget to clean the surrounding areas thoroughly. Close the toilet seat and clean behind the seat as well as underneath each layer on top and the bottom. Sweep floors and mop with a disinfectant.


If you’re in a restroom that is divided by restroom stalls disinfect the walls and surrounding areas.

Note: use Personal Protective Equipment while cleaning.  

Change gloves immediately after disinfecting a toilet.

Change gloves after cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl.

Change gloves after cleaning the exterior of the toilet bowl. To avoid cross contaminating surfaces. 

Don’t forget to restock restroom.

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