A Fresh Start

A fresh start 

The year is ending and we want to help you get your house in order. From dusting the windows, re-organizing, putting away laundry, or loading the dish washer we can help. We understand you’re busy the nanny is away, so you have to pick the dogs up from doggie day care and purchase a dress for your daughter the aspiring ballet dancer. Guess what you still have to make dinner and tidy the house.  As you race home to watch Monday night football because your husband has got you locked in to super bowl 2022. Guilt sets in because you can really use a helping hand around the house.  Don’t fret! From October 15th to December 15th  we have housekeeping services available for the low rate of $225 .  2 hours of service two cleaners or 4 hours one cleaner. Supplies are not included.