What your Airbnb guest noticed while staying in your unit? The guest view.

Wr Airbnb notices staying in your unit? The guest view.

After all the hassle we go through when traveling from one part of the world to another, we want to enter a clean safe unit.  Most of our stays at an Airbnb are anywhere from 24 hours to a month or more. We really begin to settle into these units and notice all the things the property has to offer or lacks. Some of us who pay close attention to detail can tell whether the bathroom has been thoroughly cleaned or just simply wiped. How do they know? You ask! The remnants of hair remaining-on the walls, along with soap scum, and hard water stains, the accumulation of dust on furniture, and the dust build–up on appliances and baseboards.  Now let’s talk about the amenities that you stated were included- the amenities that your guest decided to leave at home because it states on your Airbnb post that the unit comes equipped with x, y and z.  Disappointment and anguish set’s in for your guests and they decide whether to message you about such hiccups.

No more one on one training, no more showing up to verify the unit is ready.

Put better systems in place.

Let’s put that old way of training aside.

Refer cleaners to our step by step cleaning guide which gives you and your team members unlimited access to video demonstrations, and a cleaning guide that will assist cleaners in maintaining consistency while cleaning restrooms, living areas, bedroom in your Airbnb unit. Our course also offers cleaning demonstrations for restaurant owners, schools, events spaces, offices and more.  

Are your cleaners leaving areas that need to be cleaned and untouched?

Do you worry that the poor cleaning practices of some of your team members will affect the ratings of your business? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered click the link below to register for our step by step cleaning guide.