Office Cleaning Tips

board room

Although office cleaning can seem like a daunting task.  It is imperative that we keep our business clean and our employees safe.  From emptying the shredders, to  restocking toilet paper,  and ensuring the soap dispensers are full we’ve got you covered.  At Flockz Commercial Cleaning Service we offer 24 hours service for your  corporate office.…

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A Fresh Start

woman checking her watch

A fresh start  The year is ending and we want to help you get your house in order. From dusting the windows, re-organizing, putting away laundry, or loading the dish washer we can help. We understand you’re busy the nanny is away, so you have to pick the dogs up from doggie day care and…

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Tiolet Cleaning Tips

toilet cleaning

Toilet Cleaning Tips #1 Let’s focus on the inside of the toilet bowl. Use a brush to thoroughly scrub the inside of the bowl along with a disinfectant.  #2 Get rid of any dust mites, residue, and or fallen items.  #3 Sanitize and disinfect toilet seat and the trip handle (flush) don’t forget to clean…

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